Trusting values and finding purpose

This week I have had to close the door on a project – a group of people I was endeavouring to serve who did not want to be served. The logic was in my favour, of course! This group needed what I have to offer but did not want it enough to explore the potential for them. This leads to a post mortum and I revisited my values to determine how they are aligned with what I am offering and how can I present my offering better?

I believe that like attracts like, and the values I project will attract people with similar values and though I am happy with my values I did conclude that my presentation could be sharpened up. Stop occupying my mind with what would be right (smart and intelligent) to say next and listen totally to what people are saying, not only before opening my mouth but even before thinking of how to respond.

I now have secured a meeting with another group and I will listen to their story, what hero’s journey they are facing and then .. well, I’ll have to do the listening first!


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