Back to School – Again!

When I was asked to write and article for a local publication on the theme of “Back to School” I thought I wouldn’t have anything to say.

In my youth “Back to School” was associated with back to learning in a classroom as distinct from passing the holidays doing exactly what you wanted without the restrictions of an imposed timetable.

I now realise that my learning continued outside the classroom, as life experience, with subjects in which I was interested and wanted to learn.

When I grew up and went out to work I discovered that a job was just like school, holidays when you did what you wanted and work when you did as you were told, otherwise you didn’t get your pocket money! Some people work out what they love to do and manage to find someone to pay them to do it. Most of us fall into the 40-year career trap and retire, if we can afford to, when it’s often too late to realise the dreams of our youth.

Being made redundant, once I got over the initial panic, was a stroke of luck. I was of an age that the probability of finding a regular job was remote so self-employment was the only realistic option to maintain a decent lifestyle.

Starting my own business with a network marketing company was a massive learning curve, far greater than any “back to school” experience. It gave me the opportunity to work out what I really want to do with my life (beyond the money) and why it is important to me to achieve it.

I now help other people work out their “what” and “why” and with a network marketing business I can offer a solution for delivering their dream. My success comes from others being successful. Nothing could be more satisfying.

The business itself becomes secondary; it is the vehicle for achieving the dream. Like they say with holidays, you buy the destination, not the plane.

One thought on “Back to School – Again!

  1. Yes, network marketing creates freedom, it is the possibility for a 4 year career rather than a 40 year career! I like your final thought about holidays, “buying the destination, not the plane” It is always about adopting the best viewpoint, whatever the matter…Thank you for the sharing, John.

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