Week 23 – Why?

This week has found me revisiting earlier material and re-evaluating my DMP and PPNs. I have not made any changes but I find that I have been able to put them into context with “Why?” – why do I do what I do? Why do I pursue Legacy and Liberty? What has stopped me doing this before and what is making me hesitate even now?

Events combined to give me a breakthrough. Haanel’s chapter this week is on the subject of success. I re-read Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why”, highly recommended if you haven’t already come across it. I also listened to a video interview on one of the websites I follow that was on the subject of fear of success.

Fear of success? Who could possibly be afraid of success? Never understood that until … a memory from the deep recesses of the old blueprint replayed in front of me. When I was 19 I joined a bank and set my sights on the General Manager’s job and for several years did all the right things – made a (small) name for myself by passing the requisite exams in record time, made myself useful, etc. One day I realised that the General Manager job, which came with all the glossy benefits (house with swimming pool and tennis court, chauffeured car, seemingly unlimited expenses), also demanded 100% devotion. All leisure activities (golf, Sunday bar-b-q, etc.) involved bank people. bank clients, bank everything. I made a decision, though not then articulated in these words, that if success meant not having the freedom to choose my own friends and (at least some of) my own leisure activities then all bets were off.

This was a subconscious, not a conscious, decision but I can now see, thanks to 20-20 hindsight, that it informed my subsequent career decisions and choices. I was still what many would call successful, reaching a top position within a specialised discipline. I could choose my friends and leisure activities but I had effectively compromised my true potential. I had defined success as a negative, something that would prevent freedom to choose.

OK, this is a short version of the machinations that have been occupying my little grey cells. I now recognise that success in my business will increase Liberty and Legacy and choices in my life and have added some appropriate affirmations to my 3 x 5 cards .

I can still feel the weight lifting from my shoulders. I guess the change will take a little while to get used to. This revelation alone has made my MKMMA experience worthwhile.

9 thoughts on “Week 23 – Why?

  1. Love the realization of your life’s purpose in the midst of your banking career! So nice to – even subconsciously – make that connection! Thank you so much for sharing a story of your experience.

  2. Good job John. Your story reminds me what Earl Nightingale is telling with his Six Steps to Realize Success when he says : ” Trace your attitudes back through your childhood (but in your case it was a business childhood !) and try to discover when you first got the idea you couldn’t be successful if that’s the way you are thinking.” And you did it. Congratulations John !

    1. Thanks Dominique. I’m also a fan of Earl Nightingale thought haven’t listened to the old tapes (remember Cassettes?) for a while. Time for a revisit when the MKMMA dust has settled.

    1. Thanks for the comment Marlo. I’ve always believed that there is no situation from which, and no person from whom, one cannot learn though I admit there have been occasions when it has been difficult to remember that.

  3. John you spoke to my heart! I am revisiting my DMP as well, as a matter of fact I am redoing some of it because now I know what inspires me most. When you mentioned fear of failure I couldn’t help but to realize I hold myself back because when I was success I worked like a crazy person and had associated success with overloaded work. Thank you for your insights and congratulations on your success!

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