Week 22 – Posted from just outside my comfort zone

The notion of a comfort zone is the biggest excuse for not pursuing our purpose in life and thus reduce our purpose to just a dream. We make up all sorts of “reasons” that we can’t break out of our comfort zone and all these reasons are due to something outside ourselves, outside the comfort zone over which we have no control. Someone or something else has fenced us in.

Since this topic was introduced some three weeks ago it caused a lot of firing, wiring and rewiring amongst my little grey cells. I regard this topic as a lesson in progress and in summarising where I am right now in making sense of it came out far too long for a blog post. I have therefore created a new page entitled “Comfort Zones – Help or Hindrance?” under the Lessons tab for those curious to know what I think about it.

5 thoughts on “Week 22 – Posted from just outside my comfort zone

  1. Yes, we must exercise the little grey cells, Hastings, else they will grow the rust!
    I did read the “Comfort Zones” page – I wouldn’t say that it was too long for a post, but to each their own! I could hear you thinking as I was reading… I was surprised when you said you’d run across the article on comfort zones by accident – according to everything we’ve learned the last twenty-odd weeks, there are no accidents.

    1. Thanks for the comment Ellen. No accidents? Point taken – all I meant was that I wasn’t specifically looking for anything on comfort zones when the universe fed it to me. Little grey cells still aching from the effort!

  2. Totally with Ellen on this one – your post on Comfort Zones was about right for a post 😉 And very well stated – I loved the concept of tying guilt and hurt feelings to success – sometimes our little grey cells do the weirdest things…

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