Week 21 – Random thoughts with a bit of tongue in cheek

A few random thoughts:

1. Our mental attitude is our personality. Our lives are simple the reflection of our predominant thoughts, our mental attitude. I’d not thought of it quite like that before but it makes perfect sense.

2. If we wish to change “all that is necessary” is to change our thought. Destroy the negatives and create new pictures. I’ve made progress but not found it quite as easy as that implies. In fact I have begun to wonder if we ever totally overwrite our old blueprint. I often have some really old stuff that I’d not thought about in decades bubble up to the surface for no apparent reason. Of course I let it pass and do not dwell on it but that old blueprint is a stubborn old …

3. We learn from physics that big stuff behaves differently from really small (quantum) stuff so I am intrigued to learn that large ideas can eliminate all smaller ideas. I wonder if we are closer to the Theory of Everything than the scientists?

4. We are in a period of transition that is evidenced by the unrest that is apparent everywhere, so observes Haanel in 1916. Not much has changed in the last 100 years then.

5. Haanel appears to conclude that much of our human problems  are down to people regarding Cosmic power as non-human and alien to humanity. I think he hits the nail on the head here. Humans tend to regard themselves as separate from nature rather than an integral part of it and have the arrogance to think that we alone can control the rest. Scientist James Lovelock has a lot to say on this subject  – his book “A Rough Ride To The Future” is my book of the month.


One thought on “Week 21 – Random thoughts with a bit of tongue in cheek

  1. I like the way you think – and I’ve had that same thought, that not much has changed since Haanel wrote his words! It’s interesting, your notion about never completely rewriting our old blueprint; I guess we won’t actually know until we’ve had the new one operating for as long as we held the old!

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