Week 20 – Be, then Do, then Have

It’s nice to find that something I worked out for myself is validated by no less that Haanel. When I was first introduced to writing goals the perceived wisdom was to set out a “Have, Do Be” list which I instinctively felt was the wrong way round. Surely you need to work out what/who you want to Be and then Do what you have to do in order to Be before you can Have, the last being incidental to the others.

Haanel of course puts it more eloquently: “We must “be” before we can “do”, and we can “do”only to the extent which we “are”; and what we “are” depends on what we “think” and “feel”.

My challenge this week is getting my head around emotions being used as tools to expand my comfort zone. The Sunday webinar raised the question “What if they were tools?” Can they be tools in the sense of employing them to facilitate expanding the comfort zone? Another “sit” or two required I think. More on this later.

4 thoughts on “Week 20 – Be, then Do, then Have

  1. John, I agree with some more sits to think about how to overcome the emotions to expand ourself. can’t wait to hear what is next.

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