Week 19 – My struggle to become a butterfly

I’ve been pondering this week on why all the change that I am striving for on my Hero’s Journey is sometimes so damn difficult. Why can’t I see it and just move towards it and grasp it. I am inspired for my insight by Robert Kiyosaki’s new book “Second Chance”, which addresses the need to ditch the old blueprint and change the way we think in respect of money, wealth and contribution.

We have become hooked on instant visible change, instant gratification. Think of the many TV makeover shows. Turn an ugly old frog into Prince Charming with a haircut, tooth whitening and a change of outfit. Turn a neglected old house into a dream home with a new kitchen, new bathroom and a fresh coat of paint. These are but external, visible changes. Fine for people who just want to look good on the outside.

However, our Hero’s Journey is about internal, for a long time invisible, changes and it takes more that a coat of paint to effect an internal makeover. As Robert Kiyosaki puts it: “A true second chance (Hero’s Journey) is a metamorphosis, the same type of transformation a caterpillar goes through before emerging as a butterfly. The power to transform from a caterpillar to butterfly is in all human beings … ” (My italics) A caterpillar’s outward appearance gives no hint of the change to come, it’s all going on within.

And all this goes nicely with Haanel’s lesson this week: “We know that every human experience is an effect, so if we may ascertain the cause, and find that this cause is one we can consciously control, the effect – the experience – will be within our control also”.

3 thoughts on “Week 19 – My struggle to become a butterfly

  1. The TV shows are time compressed not showing the difficulty the subjects went through for the “instant makeover”. With us we want it faster so it seems like slow motion, but it’s not.

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