Week 17 – Concentration, Desire and Intuition

Haanel’s chapter “Concentration and Desire” brings a lot together. In this world where our attention span is barely more that a 140 character Tweet it is easy to forget what true concentration is. If the subject is one in which I have an strong affinity then it is easy to become so engrossed as to be aware of nothing else.

I see unconscious desire as the key to achieving results. If one has an unconscious desire (our PPNs?) then concentration surely follows naturally? We know that the door to the subconscious is the conscious mind and all the exercises in Haanel et al are aimed at determining our purpose(s) in life and aligning our subconscious (our blueprint) accordingly. With our desires on automatic, concentration may require control (to avoid distraction) but not burdensome effort (to avoid falling asleep!).

As we know, the subconscious never sleeps so it is working all the time on our desires, reinforced by conscious concentration (our daily affirmations), so instances of intuitive awareness become more frequent. Intuition does not always make “sense” but it is working from the subconscious and feeding solutions into our conscious mind “out of the blue” so we will not always appreciate its import straight away. However, like everything else that makes up our mind and body, the “use it or lose it” principle applies – ignore it at your peril!

A couple of quotes to finish:

Haanel: “Thought with feeling is the irresistible combination”.
Januszewski: “Beliefs (thoughts charged with feeling) determine our actions, our actions determine our results”.

4 thoughts on “Week 17 – Concentration, Desire and Intuition

  1. Great work John; An awesome reminder as to why I keep the first and last hour of each day sacred. The last hour I spend filling the funnel, and the first hour I inspect what coming through the bottom.

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