Week 16 – “Every man decideth the way his soul shall go”

It’s taking me a little time to get my head around Haanel’s “Cycle of Seven”. Much of this chapter reiterates previous learning about wealth and the power of thought. In fact it is not (yet) clear to me why he opens the chapter with the “Cycle of Seven” which seems unrelated to the rest it.

The learning points for me come from the section on visualisation where he says that “the environment you desire will contain everything necessary”, reinforcing that success comes from focusing on the higher ideal – our big picture DMP – what we become. If we get the higher ideal right and we become the person we are meant to become, the minutiae will be there. The Law of Attraction will deliver sufficient exchange value to complete “the environment you desire”.

I did like the John Oxenham poem – “To every man there openeth a way” – one of the best messages yet.

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