Week 14 – Be careful what you ask for!

When I saw that Haanel’s Lesson 14 is entitled “Manifestation” I thought “this is it, after this chapter I’ll be on my way”. As I read (with concentration!) the import hit home. I have been “on my way” all my thinking life, I just haven’t known for the most part to where I have been on my way.

The significant learning points are:

Firstly, “all thought is creative” since the subconscious mind responds to all thought in proportion to the degree of feeling attached thereto and how much I dwell upon it.

Secondly, even though I may not have noticed the results of this process the Law of Attraction has nevertheless been working. My current circumstances are the cumulative result of my thoughts up to now. When I now examine my life closely I can connect the dots and that I don’t like some of the results is a hard lesson to take on board.

The good news: I can change all that and if I persist I succeed!


3 thoughts on “Week 14 – Be careful what you ask for!

  1. Happy New Year John. Life just keeps getting better when we decide to direct it “our way” I know what you mean when I look at what I have created. The last few years have taken a toll on my thinking and MKMMA is getting me back on track again. GRATEFUL I am. I I feel in your posts you are too. Continuing growing strong!

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