Week 13 – “Build it and they will come”

I made more notes than usual during Week 13 webinar and the first challenge now is trying to read them! I enjoyed listening to Guides of contrasting styles. Lydia particularly gave me food for thought. Firstly choices; to start and to finish something is one choice. So many people (including my old blueprint) start something with the thought “we’ll see how it goes”. There is no real intent to persist. No decision to finish. In effect no decision at all. Secondly; on Lydia’s last slide; don’t give up on your dreams and the people in them. This was reflected back in a sentence on the next slide “Become a Heroes in you own lives, with your purpose, for your tribe”. For tribe, read: the people you are going to impact.

Last week I mentioned that my PPN now make sense and though I didn’t expand on that at the time, it is because one of my PPNs is Legacy, the impact I want to have on the community and people that I, through my business, serve. The one-sentence DMP had put Legacy up front as the real purpose behind my business. (“Up front” and “behind” at the same time? Well, I’m sure you get the drift.)

I have yet no idea who all these people are exactly but I’m sure that with my new blueprint I’ll be sending out the vibes that will attract them and they will raise their hands. Reminds me of the mantra in the film Field of Dreams (Kevin Costner starred) – Build it (the new blueprint) and they will come (raise their hands).


8 thoughts on “Week 13 – “Build it and they will come”

  1. Congrats John. Isn’t getting more and more clear a great feeling! It’s a work in progress for me. I tend to still be more changeable than I want to be but things are definitely gelling more lately. All the very best vibes for Christmas and New Year

  2. I liked that starting and completing were one choice as well. I also don’t know all the people I will impact buy my DMP says that Thousands upon Thousands of people will be incredibly enriched because of the person I become.

    and I believe this to be true of all of us that made the choice to complete this when we started

  3. John, Great blog. Starting something to see how it goes is my mantra almost all the time. I make myself crazy when I don’t comit. After 69 years you would think that I would learn. My old blueprint is really stubborn.

    As always your blogs are imformative and brief and those are the best kind.

    Nice work and another Kudo!


  4. It’s working the same with me. I scheduled time in OATS to review the material or the week gets away. They are beginning to come, first one, then another. Putting in the work. Thanks for your post!

  5. Having a clear destination in view but not knowing which route life will take to wards it and who we will meet along the way – isn’t that exciting! I think it’s better than knowing. Where’s the awe and wonder in knowing it all.

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