Week 12 – Affirming my DMP

The one-sentence DMP was a really useful exercise. To get the full picture I had to raid my Press Release for additional inspiration and the process of looking forward at what I set out to achieve (DMP) and projecting forward to look back at what I had achieved (Press Release) introduced a whole new perspective. My PPNs now make sense!

Then on the Sunday webinar I spent 50 minutes repeating the one-sentence DMP in front of a mirror. Now I didn’t burst into song and dance like some but I did experiment with the delivery. I imagined it as an introduction to my on-stage presentation when I get invited by the company to tell the world how it all started and how I did it. So my next task is to write my whole presentation and rehearse it as I do my Press Release.

Of course my one-sentence DMP is memorised (how could it not be after 50 minutes!) and I use it as one of my affirmations utilising the brain gym techniques when I am out walking. All the affirmations have a natural rhythm that synchronise easily with walking pace and if necessary can alternate starting on the left or right foot to vary the input. The whole town now thinks I am crazy with the advantage that I get a lot of pavement space to myself!

And finally, “The Guy in the Glass” makes a nice rap but that stays strictly in the bathroom mirror between me and “The Guy”. I don’t know who laughs a whom the most.

5 thoughts on “Week 12 – Affirming my DMP

  1. John, you made me laugh, I love you sense of humor! Yes, I agree that most people in the street and sometimes even the guy in the mirror could think that that you are crazy, but the truth is that in both situations, you are now “remarkable”, in the etymological sense of the word and by extension on its common sense too!

  2. Thanks for the fun blog! I, too, have given up caring whether people think I’m whacky. I say a lot of my aaffirmations driving and walking. I do sometimes tone it down a bit when I pull up next to a car at a stop sign or am waiting at a crosswalk :-)

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